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Carl W. Brown "Muscle Whisperer"

Evidence based, anatomically oriented healing

Evidence based practice is a system of objectively determining the best approach.   Optimally is can include a mix of science and direct perception (intuition).  When you are working with dangerous tools such a drugs and surgery you need to stick to pure science.   However by doing so you eliminate clues to treating the whole person instead of a series of measurements.  

I use science to make sure that what I am doing will create no harm if it does not work but follow hints that may not make scientific sense because the person is too complex to fully understand.   It is actually easier to follow a rational system with traditional scientific methodologies.  But when I go beyond the limits of science I need to use objective results oriented feedback to shape therapies that incorporate direct observations.   I employ principles of working with the body rather that trying to "fix" everything.

Bodywork is a broader term that includes massage as well as many other forms of touched based therapy.  I started out doing bodywork and learned massage to get certified.  I found that studying and practicing bodywork opened my eyes to my intrinsic powers.  It was more like remembering than learning.   It has been a journey of discovery.   As a result I work holistically combining the intuitive with an anatomically detailed set of skills.   Results will vary by person and I hope that this web site will help you make an informed decision as to whether to try my work.

By offering somatic bodywork I provide an alternative approach to traditional massage therapy.  I incorporate techniques using anatomically based practices that correct many chronic problems involving pain, range of motion and repetitive strain with a calm and relaxing massage.  Working to help the body heal itself, we use finesse over force so as not to insult the tissues that we are attempting to heal.   This provides a more lasting effect and allows us to work at finer level to get at the real source of the problem.  Most of the work feels more like gentle stretching that allows the muscles to release like melting butter.  Some corrective work involves firmer work.  We will tell you if the manipulation might be painful.   In any case it would be quick and you will feel much better afterwards. 

While ideally it is best that the body does its own healing sometimes we need to employ techniques that fix problems and help the body get past problems allowing you to achieve a better state of wellness.  However work that directly fixes problems integrates better into holistic practices  because it is done with holistic perceptions.


Chronic Pain - Scar Tissue - Range of Motion - Carpal Tunnel - Neuropathic Pain - Fibromyalgia  

Pure relaxation

You should be as comfortable as possible during the session.   Let me know if you are uncomfortable for any reason.  i.e. if the pressure is too hard, you feel uncomfortable because of  sensitive parts of your body of medical problems such as  wounds, injection ports.  For example, certain stretches that I do have to be modified if you have had hip replacements because you cannot cross the midline.  If you are not totally relaxed then you will not get all you can out of the session.  The bodywork is done fully clothed.   Dress in light clothes such as slacks or shorts.  The work can be adapted for people in wheelchairs, hospital beds or other circumstances

I offer competitive rates.  I offer our services in your home or our office.  It will go faster if you fill out the client intake form and read and bring a signed copy of the disclosure to your first visit.  These forms can be found here.

Don't wait, start living better today with therapeutic bodywork.



Carl Brown - Evidence based holistic bodyworker

California Massage licensing

Member Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
Since February 7, 2002


Hospice Massage Therapy Volunteer

   Hospice of the East Bay

Serving Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill and much of central Contra Costa

Office: In the Atria Valley View facility
                               1228 Rossmoor Parkway
                               Walnut Creek, CA 94595

Directions: Map You will go just past the John Muir Clinics on Rossmoor Parkway and turn right.  It will be a divided driveway.  Take the driveway past the circle at the end and the Kindred Care Center of Rossmoor. Atria Valley View is at the end with a visitor parking lot on your left.  You can park in any of the Atria guest/visitor parking spaces. If there is no one at the reception desk meet me in the cafe and enjoy a cup of coffee.

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